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Who Are We?

The TANNERIE is a music and art venue dedicated to contemporary music: rock, pop, rap, jazz, electro and traditional.
 It officially opened on November 8th, 2001 and is located in the heart of Bourg-en-Bresse.
It is also the first and only permanent scene dedicated to contemporary music in the Ain Departement (France).
The name “TANNERIE” is a reference to the tanner factory which once occupied the area; all the buildings have been rebuilt.

The whole building - 816 square metres - comprises:
-    One main concert room : with a capacity of 550 people standing, or 200 sitting
-    4 fully-equipped rehearsal booths where amateurs and professionals would find professional quality instruments and equipments (drum kit, amplifiers, complete soundboard).

Today our staff is supporting, guiding and helping develop many artistic projects from these working studios.  

-     One meeting room open to the general public during working hours which also hosts exhibitions and a resources centre on contemporary music and the performing arts.

The TANNERIE has been built by the city of Bourg-en-Bresse and is managed as part of a delegation of Public Services by the association “La Truffe et les Oreilles” – The nose and Ears – created in 1998 with a team of 12 permanent workers, intermittent technicians and 40 volunteers over a year’s span.

What Do We Do?

Since its creation the artistic and cultural project we have been defending at La Truffe et Les Oreilles can be summed up like this:

An indifferent accompaniment and programming of artists and groups whatever their stage of development via an activist, independent and eclectic program.

Some figures:

1.    Every year about 100 artists (local, national and international) perform live on the main stage or on our smaller stage in the bar premises.
2.    We welcome about 15.000 spectators a year.
3.    We host more than 60 live shows each year (including schools and children’s shows).
4.     More than 150 bands rehearse every year in our buildings, hence reinforcing our position as leading rehearsing and consulting music entity of the city of Bourg-en-Bresse and beyond, the Department of Ain and the Rhône-Alpes Region.

To finish The TANNERIE as a Public Services organization fully fulfils its commitment to serve artistically and culturally the general public and the artists.


The Tannerie, in national and international networks.

The Tannerie is part of FEDELIMA.
FEDELIMA is the result of the recent (December 2012) merging between “Fédurok” (popular music venues network) and “Fédération des scenes de Jazz” (French jazz venues network). FEDELIMA  is a national network of music venues whose current projects revolve around the distribution and support of artistic practices in the area of live music. It is now gathering over 140 venues spread across the French territory. The network conducts observation, analysis and support tools to help the operators to professionalize and to grow around in partnership with their politic, economic and civil environment.  The new activities project of FEDELIMA is divided into three areas of work: artistic, territories and environment of the venues, and cultural policies for the venues.


Fedelima is part of Live DMA (Linking initiatives and venues in Europe - Developing Musical Actions) . Live DMA was established in May 2012 to represent small and medium sized popular music venues and festivals. Live DMA is an umbrella association made up of 7 national network of venues and festivals. Live DMA represents 769 venues and festivals in Europe.

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Gillaux Gwenaelle

Marc "Les Oreilles" Dazy sort sa truffe et vous parle de 3e oeil et des vingt ans de l'asso entre autres réjouissances dans le Rockenblog du jour !

[20 ANS] Du 1er au 05 mai 2018 : La Truffe et les Oreilles, 20 ans de concerts !
Gillaux Gwenaelle

L'association La Truffe et Les Oreilles fête ses vingt ans du 1er au 05 mai 2018 !

La Tannerie est gérée en Délégation de Service Public depuis 2001 par l'association La Truffe et les Oreilles, créée en 1998 par des individus impliqués dans la vie culturelle de Bourg-en-Bresse et toujours animée aujourd'hui par des bénévoles passionnés.

Nous fêterons cet anniversaire symbolique du 1er au 05 mai 2018, autour d'événements-repères emblématiques de l'association et de groupes qui nous ont été fidèles toutes ces années. Au programme : fête de la Tannerie, Exposition-rétrospective, concerts, blind-test, juke-box vivant et la venue de High Tone en temps fort.

Gillaux Gwenaelle

Marc Dazy vous présente deux femmes d'exception de passage cette semaine à Bourg, Emily Jane White et Natacha Atlas...

Cliquez ici pour lire l'article et retrouvez une interview de Natacha Atlas vendredi !

Transglobal Undergroud feat. Natacha Atlas en vidéo :

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